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Stage 1: Accelerator
Dates: 18, 19, 25, 26 June, and 2, 3, 16 July 2022 [Online]
Timing: 1:00 - 4:00pm GMT +8

Passionate youths will learn about environmental issues, as well as connect deeply with themselves and their peers. This 21-hour long program contains a series of leadership and self-discovery workshops, environmental problem-based learning, and cultural sharings. By the end of the accelerator program, participants will propose innovative yet feasible solutions for their home communities that enhance environmental protection.

Stage 2: Home-Run
Dates: July till September 2022
The participants will spend 3-months on their project implementation phase where they will execute their projects with guidance from mentors. 

Stage 3: Together-Gather Conference [TBC Online/In-person]
Dates: 25th and 26th September 2022
The end of their Home-Run culminates in the Together-Gather Conference held within their home countries, where the participants will reflect on their experiences. 



1. To equip young environmental changemakers with skills such as design thinking and social emotional intelligence. 

2. To create sustainable and meaningful change in local communities through the various projects implemented by the participants. 

3. To forge a strong regional network of young environmental changemakers through building relationships with fellow participants, Chili Padi Academy alumni, local mentors and NGO partners. 

4. To facilitate cross-cultural sharing and exchange. 

Social and Emotional Learning

CPA provides a space and support system for a collective of Southeast Asian environmental leaders to grow and thrive in. We also encourage cross-cultural sharing of ideas, local issues, personal struggles and dreams. Using the tools of empathy and active listening, participants and facilitators care for each other throughout their journey; during the Accelerator, Home-Run and beyond.

Our community’s approach to Social and Emotional Learning is therefore intensely intrapersonal as well as interpersonal. We focus on self-actualisation and deep learning within each individual by building a culture of collective care and a space where meaningful relationship-building can occur.  




During the Accelerator, participants will be equipped with skills and knowledge such as Problem-Based Learning and Design Thinking. This enables participants to acquire practical skills that they can utilise in the implementation projects and beyond.


"Heart" is manifested in our adoption of the Social and Emotional Learning framework. We place importance on elements of self and social awareness such as empathy and motivation. This allows us to create a safe community of support and trust amongst the participants and facilitators.

This process begins during the Accelerator, with dedicated group sharing sessions that will extend throughout the 3-month Home-Run phase. Group members will be encouraged to share about their successes and failures, building an environment whereby they can support each other and learn from each other’s experiences.


“Hand” represents the action element of CPA, the Home-Run phase. Participants will be provided with seed funding to implement their environment projects based on the needs of their communities. Participants will also be given the opportunity to engage with mentors from various organizations to learn from their expertise, establish meaningful relationships and a network for future project collaborations.

Participants also engage other youths in the execution of their projects. Through connecting with other youths in their local communities, they inspire and empower other youth to act in response to environmental issues.

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