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Vegetarian Week

Grace Cao Ci'En (Singapore) and her team set out with the aim of reducing meat consumption in their school and educating their peers on the impacts of the choices they make in their daily lives - even in the smallest aspects like their diet. What touched Grace the most in the project was seeing the diet board (a board for students to indicate what diet they currently adopt and what diet they aim to have) fill up with pledges and signatures. Afterwards seeing schoolmates challenge each other or work together to achieve what they pledged really warmed her heart.

"CPA was the first step I actively took in environmental advocacy to put myself out there and do something for a cause I believe in strongly. Meeting peers from various countries who are undeniably so passionate in what they do really inspired me to do more in my own society. INFINITY/10 recommend to anyone who has a cause they feel for, even if you may not have a concrete plan of how you want to do it. The guidance and support you receive upon meeting your CPA family is unparalleled :)"
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