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The Trash Talk

TheTrashTalk by Muhammad Raiyan Fajri (Indonesia) is a neighborhood-based environmental project, focusing on the 3Rs of environmentalism (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), aimed mostly towards youths and local community members. The project concentrates on increasing youth and local awareness relating to the 3R.

In addition, the project itself is also divided into three parts: spreading awareness on social media @thetrashtalk101, community service activities for the youths, and community social sessions for the locals. Moreover, every week, children in the neighborhood have the opportunity to volunteer and learn how to separate trash through weekly trash pickups.

"CPA has truly widened my perspective on the idea of environmentalism, especially within our ASEAN community. Aside from that, the academy has also encouraged self-growth, which includes establishing better intrapersonal and interpersonal soft skills. At first, I was afraid to join CPA, knowing that my knowledge on the environment was quite limited. Nonetheless, after joining, I’ve learned that participating in environmental conservation is not as hard as what I thought it was. I can truly say that participating in CPA has honestly paved new perspectives and self-growth. I can’t wait to practice what I’ve learned from CPA towards the next chapter of my college life."

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