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Project Presto: Promoting Responsible Sustainable Tourism

Project Presto: Promoting Responsible Sustainable Tourism Through Environmentalism by Kyle V. Aboy (Philippines) aims to empower the youth by engaging them in different workshops that can spread awareness about the effects of tourism on the environment. A series of talks, vlogging, video editing, digital poster editing and 30-second advocacy videos were some of the activities done during the workshop. Through this, the youth can be mobilized for a greater cause that can affect not only the environment but also the tourism sector of the location.

"I was able to grow as a person through this program because of the different activities that enhanced my logical skills as well as adaptive skills. CPA was able to prepare me on how to approach different environmental problems and it equipped me with the right knowledge and approach to combat a certain problem. Being an alumnus of CPA makes me a better person not only in my advocacy work but also in my personal life. I was able to know myself more and I was able to explore my capabilities. Not only was I able to find new friends, I also found a family."
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