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Project kinderGARDEN

Project kinderGARDEN by Ericka (Philippines) aims to teach kindergarten students or children aged 4-7 basic gardening and the importance of gardening. As technology keeps on developing, more and more students tend to focus more on gadgets instead of hands-on learning. Frequent use of gadgets also lead to developmental problems in children, or even emotional problems as they only imitate what they have seen on the internet, without knowing whether it was right or wrong. With Project kinderGARDEN, children were taught of the importance of gardening and the fundamentals of gardening. Growing fruits and vegetables were also done by children and these fruits and vegetables were shared.

"CPA taught me to be wiser in making solutions for different issues. Putting myself in the situation of others is important; I ought to put myself in the situation of the earth. If I were the earth, I would not want to be hurt by others or destroyed. CPA also paved way in how I thought about the environment. I thought I was doing okay but, from what I learned from CPA, I was doing much more damage to Earth than what I knew. CPA opened my eyes and taught me to think of solutions to solve current environmental problems.
CPA also inspired me to join more movements to save the environment to let the government hear about the current situations happening towards the environment. I would like to recommend CPA to my friends or juniors so they would also think of the environment in a different aspect, by understanding how the earth would feel if such things are done. Ever since CPA, I have been doing my best to take part in environmental projects such as clean up drives in some areas of Manila."
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