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Project bECOme

After completing the CPA accelerator programme, Oan Jia Xuan (Singapore) gathered a group of friends aged 17-19 (who are not CPA participants) to form Project bECOme. The team came up with ground-up initiatives and approached corporations and agencies to further their cause of environmentalism and sustainability, with a heavy focus on waste reduction in people's daily lives. They were supported by the National Trade Union Congress, Youth Development Unit. In The Lunchbox Experiment (TLE) they organized, they asked working adults to try using lunchboxes instead of disposables to buy their meals.

Focus group discussion with participants

The Lunchbox Experiment briefing for participants

Project bECOme team members
"I am extremely grateful for CPA as it was CPA that kick-started my real environmental journey. I never thought that I was able to do much as a teenager, but CPA has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to plan initiatives and fight for my cause on a much larger scale. It has empowered me with a wider network, essential skills and an even more fiery passion. In particular, it has taught me to actively seek support from relevant parties to make my project succeed. My endeavors will not stop with CPA - it is just the beginning."
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