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Notice Me, Takakura-Senpai

Initiated in Bening's high school (Indonesia), "Notice Me, Takakura-Senpai" revolved around a food waste problem. The project was done in the form of a campaign about finishing food so that there will not be any food waste produced, or there will be only a little amount of food waste produced. The project also included composting with the Takakura Composting method. The campaign took place on social media platforms, school radio, and posters.

"I learned a lot. I learned how to analyze the main problem happening in my surroundings. I also learned how to present my idea better. I also learned that I need to understand what my surroundings need the most so that I can divide the action that I am going to take to make the surroundings better. I also learned how to communicate well. The participants and the facilitators are from the different backgrounds, so I got to understand how to deal with people that are from a different background than mine.
I met a lot of inspirational people that inspired me to be a better individual by creating something that impacts society. I surely would recommend the program to people. CPA impacted my life in a lot of aspects in life, such as speaking skill, communication skill, critical thinking skill, and my contribution to the environment around me. Joining CPA brought me into a lot of opportunities."
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