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LOL (Light of Life) Project

Light of Life by Hindara Dania (Indonesia) is a project aiming to reduce cow feces in her village which is a significant problem. One can find feces everywhere because most people are working as cow raisers. Hindara tried to find ways for feces to become something beneficial, and had an idea to change feces into biogas.

She successfully found a way, with the help of her team, to turn cow feces into gas for her community. The gas was also used to make opak-opak/kerupuk, and was sold around her area. She found it to be pretty beneficial for her community since they don't normally use gas, but they can use free gas from cow feces.

"I had an idea to help my community, but I live in a small rural area of Lombok, Indonesia, and I did not know how to start, but then I found CPA Instagram. So I applied to CPA and got accepted. It's a life-changing experience. I got a chance to implement my idea into real action. Being part of CPA gives me countless opportunities to make a dream that I think is impossible to find its way. The sharing session with the facilitators and mentors help me sharpen my environmental knowledge. CPA makes my wildest dream find me light, hope, and a way to make it come true."
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