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Kemaman Used Cooking Oil Collection Center

Nur Syamimi Izyan Binte Zaini (Malaysia) set up a used cooking oil collection center in Kemaman, Terengganu. She targeted the residential communities in Kemaman, hoping to provide an avenue for proper waste disposal of used cooking oil. By collecting used cooking oil, Izyan not only hoped to reduce environmental pollution and blockage of sewers, but also to recycle these oils into biodiesel. Through sustained awareness and education efforts, Izyan has slowly but surely convinced her community to dispose cooking oil properly. She hopes to continue engaging the community through organizing activities and competitions related to recycling.

Meeting with Puan Rohayu, Kemaman Municipal Council Officer

Engaging the local community on how to dispose used cooking oil

Engaging children through art

Group photo of different stakeholders
"CPA was a very valuable experience for me. Undeniably, it was very hard and difficult to carry out the project initially as I was working alone. However, from the advice of the CPA facilitators, I started to form a strong team, working together with my peers, teachers and community. Also, the structure of CPA allowed me to have a clear vision and mission for my project as well as clear steps, which allowed the project to be successful."

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