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Guides Gone Green

Glenda Wee (Singapore) firmly believes that Girl Guides should be stewards of the environment, but felt that the current badge work her alma mater did was not sufficient in their existing programme. Hence, she designed and ran a month-long programme educating girls on plastic pollution and challenged them to reduce their personal plastic consumption.

Through fun and engaging games (including card games and Waste Basketball), the programme explored some misconceptions about recycling in Singapore and the real impacts of the plastic pollution on crisis on nature and humans. The two sessions culminated in the girls compiling their learning into logbooks to share with their other friends and further spread the knowledge of this environmental issue.

"Above all, CPA pushed me to be conscious of the way I perceive myself and how my actions reflected my values. The passionate mentoring I underwent built a sense of ownership and direction in me that would overcome most of the mental barriers I had built for myself in tackling environmental issues. I used to be put off by appreciating the nuances in issues like waste management and not fully empathising with different stakeholders (from companies to cleaners to the average consumer).
Through the Design Thinking workshops, I learnt to frame my understanding of an issue more clearly, which helped me to generate ideas on what more could be done to alleviate any problems. This programme inspired me mostly due to the belief that our mentors and fellow participants built in me. It was their belief that kept me going in advocating for the environment and chasing solutions to problems we see in the world today. CPA welcomes anyone who feels a spark in making environmental change and will guide you in developing that passion into something greater than you could currently imagine. 10/10 would recommend!!"
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