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Apply for Chili Padi Academy 6

Applications for Chili Padi Academy 6 have opened!
Please apply at by 25 April 2022. 


Application Process

1. Fill in this form by 25 April 2022.

2. You will hear if you have been shortlisted for an interview by 15 May 2022.

3. You will be informed of the outcome of your interview and acceptance into the program by 20 May 2022.

Why Apply?

  • Become part of a community with other passionate youths from Southeast Asia​, with intercultural sharing and learning.

  • 3-month mentorship for your environmental community project - you hold the reins in this project, but we will support you along the way.

  • Sharpen the skills you need to create change: design-thinking, social emotional intelligence, problem-based learning.

  • Rare opportunity to gain an insider's look into environmental challenges through interacting with environmental leaders in Southeast Asia.

Criteria for Participants

To be eligible for Chili Padi Academy, you'll need to:

1. Be a senior high school student aged 16-19 years old (or equivalent) located in Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, or Malaysia

2. Be committed to attending all three stages of our program.

3. Motivated to make an impact in their community 

4. Desire to start an environmental project

5. Open to learning in a multicultural setting


A deposit of SGD40/ MYR40/ PHP650/ INR150000 (depending on nationality) will be returned if you attend the full program. If you miss any part of the program for an invalid reason, you will not be able to retrieve the participation fee. 


For Together-Gather, if it is held in person, we hope that participants will be able to contribute 20% of our total costs. This co-payment will be SGD$30/MYR 93/PHP 1,200/INR 317,670 (depending on nationality) and requested closer to the end of the program.

If you require Financial Assistance for either of these payments, you can apply for it using a Financial Assistance form that will be provided later.

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