More about Chili Padi Academy

Past runs of CPA were joined by students from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Because of our strong bond, many of our alumni also actively volunteer with CPA throughout the years, as facilitators, mentors, or even country coordinators.

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Why "Chili Padi"?

The small Chili Padi pod appears to be impotent. But when cracked open and tasted, it unleashes its explosive spiciness equal to, if not more potent, than those of its larger siblings.

By exposing senior high school students to new, innovative ideas, we hope to utilize the best resources and networks we have to nurture them to greater heights.


Why Southeast Asia?

With the advent of transboundary environmental issues such as the haze and sustainable forest management, there is a need to extend beyond our local communities and start thinking more globally. There is an ever-urgent need now to nurture and prepare young environmental leaders in Southeast Asia to sensitively conduct cross-border conversations and collaboratively develop innovative solutions. CPA aims to facilitate this empowerment process.

In the long run, we envision that the network of relationships built will equip our environmental leaders with not just skills and experience, but also a strong sense of community that is able to work beyond religious and cultural differences, in order to effectively engage with environmental problems in the region.

How did CPA start?

CPA started when the original founders, Jeffrey [Singapore], Amalina [Malaysia] and Ines [Indonesia] met in the U.S. at the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative academic fellowship program. (To learn more, click here!)


Since then, CPA has been handed down to many batches of core team members. The team that organises and executes the Accelerator refreshes almost on a yearly basis, however what remains constant is the representation of youth leaders across SEA.

For many of our Cycles, CPA has been supported by Yale-NUS College and her staff. The College has kindly allowed us to use its facilities when our Accelerators were conducted in-person, and have supported us in various other manners.