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Chili Padi Academy

CPA is a ground-up organisation based in Southeast Asia that aims to nurture a community of environmental leaders invested in transboundary collaboration and the healthy development of the region.

We are now open for applications for CPA Cycle 6!

Participating Countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines

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(Video: Our last in-person Accelerator - Cycle 4 in 2019)

Latest Updates

Wall of Love ♡

“CPA pushed me to think and consider perspectives in ways I hadn't before. The supportive environment catalysed my change-making journey, to face challenges head-on and to grow from them.”

Nafla Binte Mohamed Yousuf (Singapore)

CPA4 Participant, CPA5 Organiser


“I can truly say that participating in CPA has honestly paved new perspectives and self-growth. I can’t wait to practice what I’ve learned from CPA towards the next chapter of my college life.”

Muhammad Raiyan Fajri (Indonesia)

CPA5 Participant

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“Being part of CPA gave me countless opportunities to make my dream that I thought was impossible come true. The sharing session with the facilitators helped me sharpen my environmental knowledge.”

Hindara Dania (Indonesia)

CPA5 Participant

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